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Rhode Island Golf Update 5/6/20- Phase 1 Guidelines

May 06, 2020 11:00 AM | Julie Heston (Administrator)

Good evening,
As Governor Raimondo prepares for Phase I reopening of Rhode Island, regulators have released guidance to prepare us for this transition. Here is the link for General Phase I Re-Opening RI Guidelines.

In addition, today the Department of Business Regulation released Phase I Golf Industry Regulations, which while subject to change, are anticipated to become effective on Saturday. Please know the RIGA and Government Strategies remain tirelessly engaged with regulators and government officials to advance the interests of the golf industry.

While we are still working on critical needs for our clubs, we are pleased to report some key advancements including: 10 minute tee times, push/pull and golf cart usage (single rider only; double if from the same household) and opening of practice areas, among others. It's important to go through each link thoroughly as operating the golf/pro shop operations follow retail guidance and the food/beverage operations fall under those for restaurants.

Unfortunately, Out-of-State Residents are still not allowed to play golf unless they are here on an extended stay and have completed 14 days of self-quarantine. We remain committed to further expanding this to permit transient out of state club members to play golf, and will keep everyone up to date as the process evolves.

Please also be advised that the current guidance includes a restriction prohibiting “organized tournaments and leagues.” We have expressed concern regarding this provision, and believe further clarification will follow soon on this point. We believe the intention is to prohibit shotgun style events. We will update you further as clarification is provided, but please note that strict social distancing and social gathering restrictions remain in place.

We are committed to getting our industry to a point where you can all have a productive and successful spring and summer golf season. We will continue to work to get additional relief, hopefully sooner than Phase II.

It's important to keep following current guidelines. We are all in this together and rely upon each other to maintain compliance.

I hope to send out a revised version of this email with updated news before Saturday.


Robert Ward
Executive Director
Rhode Island Golf Association

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